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Welcome to The Discworld.

As you may have noticed the Discworld is actually a Disc rather than  “spherical” like ours (yours) . Now it travels through the Cosmos on the back of a turtle. Not just any turtle this turtle is the Great A’tuin. To stop the disc from wobbling on the back of Great  A’Tuin it is supported on the backs of four elephants. These elephants stand on Great A’Tuins shell.

The Disc rotates slowly in a clockwise direction, known on the Disc by its residents as Turnwise, This would be our equivalent as moving East - West. Any travel  anti clockwise is called Widdershins or as we would call West to East. Our north and South is mapped as Hubward, towards the centre for North and Rimward , towards the edge for South.

Like Earth the moon revolves around the disc, but unlike Earth the sun also revolves around the disc,. Otherwise the disc would have travelled a long way from its primary heat and light source. The residents wouldn’t have liked this as they would be running the heating and lighting  all the time!.

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The Discworld

Overview of this “planet”